YouTube has many features that video creators can use to help them with their video tasks and projects. Some of these features are designed to help you get more views while still allowing you to see your channel’s performance. Here are the top 6 YouTube features that every content creator should know.

Channel Dashboard / YouTube Studio

Your channel dashboard is the feature that will have most, if not all of the features that you are listed here. To access it, simply click on the blue YouTube Studio button on your channel.

Channel analysis

Analytics is a tab in YouTube Studio where, as the name suggests, you can access performance data for each of your videos as well as your overall channel. Here you can see which types of videos get the most views and engagement and which don’t perform so well, among other data. This valuable information can help you make informed business and creative decisions that affect your YouTube marketing strategy.

Earlier this year, YouTube also introduced data that tells you when your audience is first online. This means you know what hours of the week your audience is most active.

Review of inappropriate comments

YouTube provides channel owners with the ability to view inappropriate comments on videos. This helps video creators have more control over the comments section of their videos, steer comments in a more favorable tone and improving the overall quality of conversations on the channel.

Initially, reviewing inappropriate comments was an optional setting. However, YouTube has made this a default setting. When this feature was first released, channels with the setting enabled saw a massive 75% decrease in reported comments.

Video chapters

Video chapters allow you to divide your YouTube video into different chapters so that viewers can browse them.

There is only one requirement if you plan to use this feature. There must be at least three chapters in the video, and each chapter must be at least 10 seconds long. If you want to use this feature, you will need to add timestamps to your video description and make sure the first one starts exactly at 0:00.

YouTube SEO tools

YouTube may not have created features like video descriptions, video titles and playlist titles, tags, and About pages in order to optimize your videos for the search engine , but they are great SEO tools not only on YouTube but also for Google and other search engines.

By offering titles with the right keywords and video descriptions written in a concise way to reflect the content of your video, you give the search engine an idea of   what your video is up to so that it can suggest it when users search for keywords.

Planning community posts

YouTube lets you schedule community posts, which means you can write community posts in advance and specify the time and date you want to post them. YouTube will then automatically publish the message. This feature is only accessible on the main desktop web application.

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