They may not seem like that at first, but  subscribers  are the lifeblood of YouTube. They allow the platform to thrive and allow the work of the content creators to be seen. This, in turn, makes the lifelong passions of the creators much more lasting.

Content creators everywhere bemoan the fact that growing subscribers is often painfully difficult. However, as your viewers increase, the chances of your channel being shown to others increase. When the ball starts to roll and your subscriber count continues to pile up, your videos continue to reach even greater reach as more people are alerted when you post new content. With a boost from your existing subscriber list and the power of Word of  Mouth  Marketing, you will start to notice your dream of getting a video on the trending page getting closer and closer.

Having a ton of subscribers seems like a dream for anyone who creates videos on YouTube, but increasing your total is a lot harder than it looks due to several factors that come into play.

Increase your YouTube subscribers

The game of increasing YouTube subscribers is a process that can only go in many directions. From paying subscribers to using ” clickbaity “, earning subscribers can be very easy or very difficult. However, among all the different ways to increase your YouTube subscribers, there is one often overlooked method that can yield amazing results. :  using high quality thumbnail images.

Why Using High Quality Image Thumbnails Works

Since the average user has more options than watching videos, it’s safe to assume that YouTubers are dealing with a crowd that makes choices based on simple details, especially when it comes to first impressions. . First impressions, in turn, often rely heavily on video thumbnails.

When paired with the right keywords and enough subscribers, a video with a high-quality thumbnail image can grab viewers in an instant. The reason something as simple as using a high quality image thumbnail works so well is that the average user makes a significant part of their choice based only on the attached visual images. . Moreover, not only will a YouTube video with a stunning thumbnail get even more views than expected, it can also trick any viewer into clicking the subscribe button right under the title.

A checklist of image thumbnails

Choosing a high-quality image for each of the thumbnails in your videos goes far beyond just choosing a photo just because it’s ” pretty ” or ” looks professional .” In fact, it has a lot more to do with roundness as aesthetic appeal.Before you select your next image thumbnail, here is a quick checklist to help you make sure that the image you want is ready to grab views and generate followers:

Relevant to video title

Accurately represents video content

Generates the plot at first sight

Not the same as any other video thumbnail on YouTube

Provides a preview of what’s to come for those watching your video

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