Behind each YouTube channel, there is a greater or lesser amount of material, of a greater or lesser quality. It is certain that a beautiful grain of image and a clear sound already place your channel on a level of respectability. When planning the content for your YouTube channel, you should take some time to research what material you might need.

A camera : no YouTube channel without a camera. The financially reasonable option is to buy a digital camera. You can also buy a camera with the video function. More expensive, but you have the two main tools of the YouTuber. The favorite camera of YouTubers is the Canon EOS 70D.

A microphone : while all cameras and cameras / video have a built-in microphone, their quality is not sufficient. You will need to invest in a separate mic, like the Blue Yeti. You can even add noise-canceling foam for better sound quality.

Light : also essential to avoid a dark and dull atmosphere. There are now youtubers kits, such as the Tech Millenium kit or the Neewer photo studio kit.

Video editing software : who says video says editing. Most YouTubers use Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro, which is relatively easy to use and offers many online resources.

Practical tools to develop your YouTube channel

Hyvency : If you are looking for relevant partnerships with influencers, the Hivency micro-influencing platform can be very useful for you. The micro-influencers she brings together have an audience of between 5,000 and 100,000 visitors, perfect numbers when starting a business. Octoly is another interesting platform, bringing together beauty and fashion influencers.

YouTube Keyword Tool : This tool is used to optimize the keywords associated with your videos. You can choose the keywords for which you want to be referenced, the language and the country concerned. We offer you a list of keywords from which to build your videos. If you sign up for a pro account, you will also gain access to search volume, cost per click (CPC) and Adwords statistics. You will also get twice as many keywords.

Audiojungle : You will probably need to add some music during your YouTube video, for example as an intro, transition or conclusion. On Audiojungle, you can buy royalty-free music. Search the bestsellers to find popular YouTube soundtracks.

Social Blade : This is YouTube’s Google Analytics. By typing the name of a channel in the search bar, you will access its attendance statistics. You will be able to see your rank, your subscriber level, your level of views, if those views have gone down or up in the last 30 days, their estimated value and more.
YouTube Creators Hub : This YouTube platform provides you with different types of support depending on the number of subscribers on your channel. Those with less than 1000 subscribers can learn from Creator Academy and manage their channel with creators spaces. Between 1000 and 10,000 subscribers, you can join a creator day and learn from other youtubers. Beyond 100k subscribers, you receive a reward, access exclusive events and benefit from a partnership manag

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