Most successful YouTubers have gained popularity by creating content in collaboration with other influencers on YouTube. You will first need to develop your community before you can work with other influencers. You can then partner with YouTubers with similar sized audiences.

Focus on creating quality content that is both educational and entertaining. While your videos may link to a product on your website, they shouldn’t be just commercial videos either. If you sell make-up products, do make-up tutorials. If you sell hair extensions, do hair styling tutorials, etc. Enjoy Phoenix offers a wide variety of videos, make-up tutorials, routines, vlogs, etc. (content that her community demands from her), but she regularly takes the opportunity to put a link to her online store in the video descriptions.

When they start, some YouTubers will post videos every day. It’s a good strategy to stand out from the crowd at the start, but remember that only quality will count in the long run. Moreover, if you are an e-merchant, your main objective should remain the development of your store. Will you have the time to produce quality videos every day, on top of everything else? If not, limit yourself to one video per week. The essential is rather at the level of regularity. Set a day of the week for the post and stick to your pledge . The YouTube audience is very sensitive to the notion of dating. People subscribe to your channel and wait for your videos every week.

Stay authentic . Avoid copying the style of other YouTubers and focus on content that shows your talents. If you’re funny, make humorous videos about your niche business. Dollar Shave Club , an American shaving products brand, is famous for its short and hilarious business videos. If you are expert in your niche, you might be able to educate your audience on the subject. Cuir City is an online store specializing in leather which posts instructive videos on the maintenance of this material. You don’t need to invite an expert into your video, you can do it yourself. The important thing is to produce content that matches your brand and your personality.

Make videos short. On average, the most popular YouTube videos are 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. According to Wistia , 2-minute videos retain 75% of Internet users, while a 5-minute video only retains 60% of visitors.

In each of your videos, recommend your audience to subscribe to your channel . They will receive a notification every time you post a new video. This allows you to grow your audience, retarget from previous visitors, and maybe sell more products.

Get inspired by other YouTubers . What do the greatest Youtubers have in common? The length of the videos? The style ? Do the most popular videos look the same? How do they communicate their ideas? What are the differences between a chain with 10,000 visitors and a chain with 1 million visitors? You might find some great ideas for achieving success by watching other videos.

Promote your YouTube channel . Adding a link to YouTube on your online store on your online store won’t make a difference. There are millions of videos on YouTube and it’s going to take a little more marketing if you want your channel to stand out. If your videos are of good quality, your audience will eventually share your content. But it’s up to you to take the first step with a marketing strategy.

If it turns out that you don’t have the time or resources to start your own YouTube channel, you can get sponsored by other YouTubers . In exchange for a financial contribution, or even free products, your products can be featured in an influencer video . The prices to afford the services of an influencer may vary depending on their reputation. Agencies such as Influence 4 You or Kolsquare will help you find the right influencers for your brand.

Optimize your YouTube content . YouTube is owned by Google, so it helps to optimize your content on YouTube the same way you do for Google search. Add keywords to the titles of your videos. Write unique video descriptions. Tag your videos. Follow the trends. Add subtitles. Make links to your online store. Use Canva or other free image banks to create eye-catching thumbnails.

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