Today, nobody disputes the importance of the media in today’s society. We are immersed in a media society and our lifestyle coexists with the messages that the media transmit to us. In the same way, talking about the media implies covering a very wide range of possibilities: many television channels, radio, Internet, printed publications of all kinds …

The mass media constitute a very important socialization apparatus: they influence our ideas, habits, and customs. Some experts even go so far as to affirm that the amount of information communicated by the press, magazines, films, television, and radio, greatly exceeds the volume of information that arrives through teaching and the contents that are transmitted in the school.

If this fact is true, it would turn the media into a very powerful educational tool., with the advantages and disadvantages that this entails. But educating is not its ultimate goal. Although the media include formats and content suitable for school-age audiences, there is another large volume of information that is not directed at this audience but is perceived and assimilated by it.

What Are Social Networks?

Social networks, within the virtual world, our sites and applications that operate at different levels – like professional, relationship, among others – but always allowing the exchange of data between people and/or companies.

 To understand the concept, you’ll check out what we understood as media before the existence of the Internet: radio, TV, newspapers, magazines.

At the heart of social media are relationships, which are common on social media, which can lead to confusion. Social media are places where information is often transmitted to people. 

The Marketing On Social Media 

Once the profiles have been created, it is time to draw up a plan.

The first aspect to take into account is the objective of being in a certain social network. Basically, we can divide the objectives into:

  • Brand disclosure;
  • Be a channel of communication with clients;
  • Create a community fan of your company;
  • Education through the dissemination of content;
  • Sales

The essential thing is that only one objective is the main one of your strategy – to have focus – and that the objective is related to the moment of your company.

Most importantly, this strategy can – and should – vary over time. If you recognize that your business has reached its goal and that brand awareness is no longer as important, the next step may be to start focusing on sales.


Just doing business registration and producing content on social media frequently is not a guarantee that you will reach all the people who are connected to your brand.

This happens because the main social networks in the world use algorithms to filter what the user can see on the timeline, delivering content organically to only a part of the users who follow your company.

Therefore, you can be successful by using social networks in an organic way, but it is through paid ads that you can boost your actions and scale your results.

Even though payment means it is possible to increase the number of connected users and guarantee an improvement in organic results as well.

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