Something that no one can deny us is that selling is no longer what it used to be, don’t you think? The classic door-to-door with product demos, cold calls are out of date, all of this is increasingly being left behind.

Marketing is constantly evolving since the first entrepreneur wanted to sell their products or services through email marketing or recommend it through their Social Media (social networks). And it is that everything that we face for sale, what we want to publicize, etc., can be considered marketing. And nowadays with the advances of the technology the current marketing has been turning into digital / online marketing. As a result, and together with social networks, the term that we will talk about in today’s publication began to emerge: Social Selling.


Social selling consists of taking advantage of Social Networks to be able to create relationships with the target audience and in turn with potential clients. This new marketing tool seeks that users are interested in the product you want to sell and not the other way around. To achieve this objective we must pay close attention to the publications we make and invest time in making and choosing the photography, video and text that will make up our post.


At first glance it seems that Social selling can be an investment of time that does not always bear fruit, but the truth is another, sooner or later Social selling brings benefits and, in addition, it has some advantages:

1 # More visibility

Today the Internet allows you to position yourself very well, so it also allows you to be the focus of your target audience and of many possible clients, who also do not even have to live in the same area where you have mounted the company.

2 # Avoid the “Cold Door”

Being able to sell without even seeing the face of the person who is buying from you was something that some time ago we could not imagine. Nowadays, sometimes, it is the best option since it offers you the possibility of approaching a client without being invasive and detecting if there is interest in what you offer or not. Although on the other hand it can be somewhat inconvenient if we do not choose the words or images that represent our product correctly.

3 # You save time

When the concept of Social Selling did not yet exist, sellers wasted a lot of time going from one place to another looking for buyers. Today, it is enough to have Internet access to communicate with thousands of potential customers at the same time. It is a way to reduce costs and at the same time increase the sales of the company.

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