The map is divided into three parts: the city, the hills and the shore lines.

The mountains stretch from East Los Santos all across Blaine County, to Paleto Bay in the North.

As we already know it’s a massive world which will be mostly covered by water as there are only few places you can drive around with your car.

The city section is three times bigger than the one in GTA 4. It will be possible to climb over almost every building there, even the highest skyscrapers. You can also go down into most of them with stairs or elevators/lifts.

There are several places for parachuting around the mountains but aren’t limited to them, as Rockstar is planning to add even more after release. You can start parachuting from almost everywhere you want, provided there’s a good altitude.

There will be planes and we may finally see some naval action (no more ghost sightings) around the city and in Los Santos’ port.

Los Santos: size of the city is comparable to the ones in GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption combined. New area: Mount Chiliad.

Gang presence: Los Varrios, Varios Los Aztecas (Mexican gangs), Russian Mafia and The Families, Ballas and Grove Street .

New cars: Buffalo from San Andreas, new SUV’s (similar to 2012 Chevrolet Captiva), new off-road vehicles (similar to Hummer), Jetski’s, bicycles.

New weapons: minigun, sawn-off shotgun, stun gun, teargas and the dart gun is back!

The economy has been completely reworked; businesses now make their own money and keep it. So if you invest in a business, for example by buying stocks or shares, you’ll see the value of that business rise as time passes (similar to the stock exchange). You can also use  gta money generator.The businesses now also grow larger as time passes and they hire more employees that will drive customers away from your other businesses if their area is nearby.

Airplanes are once again present in the game (confirmed) but there won’t be any simulation of flying them like in GTA:SA or GTA 4. This means that you can’t control the plane but instead use weapons to shoot other planes down.

Blaine County: Around 60% bigger than Liberty City in GTA 4 and comparable size to San Andreas, with a little bit of Alderney thrown in as well as some countryside near Paleto Bay (the biggest town in Blaine County). We should expect the same level of variety in terms of landscape; hills, trees, beaches, canyons etc.

There are plenty of places for parachuting but not limited to only the mountains. You will need a good altitude before jumping out of the plane. There are several airports here that you can use to fly around the state.

New vehicles: more rugged versions of the ones in Los Santos, monster trucks, new types of pickup trucks. New bikes have been confirmed. You can also ride a quadbike or swim with a submarine (no more ghost submersible).

The biggest town in Blaine County is Paleto Bay. There are around 30,000 people living in Blaine County. There are some farms and the town of Paleto Bay is very developed with almost everything you’d expect to see in a rural area.

Some missions will probably be based around this area since it’s very similar to the countryside in GTA San Andreas, especially in terms of its inhabitants which consist of rednecks and hillbillies.

Gang presence: none confirmed yet but there’s a strong possibility of some new gangs making an appearance (confirmed).

The hills section is situated between the city and Blaine County, around its borders. It has some nice views overlooking Los Santos and it looks nearly identical to the Hollywood Hills in real life.

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