Here there are some good reasons which aim to present to you the various challenges of Facebook and the interest of using it in a professional context.

You will understand that the question to ask yourself is no longer whether to go to Facebook … but to ask yourself when you are going to create your page.

  • Your customers are already using Facebook

2/3 of the public have left the school system.

55% are women.

The strongest increase in subscribers concerns those over 35.

Think again, this is not the robot portrait of your customers, but it is indeed the characteristics of regular Facebook users. Limiting the phenomenon to “a tool for young people talking about their last night” would therefore be a mistake.

  • You can use your Facebook page as an information and promotion tool

Facebook is the social network that will allow you to build the largest, most visual, and most interactive environment there is. Indeed, on a Facebook “page”, the possibilities are multiple and each account has:

– an information sheet on which you can give information about your institute/spa, your services, your services, your team, your opening hours, your contact details … This page is very important if you do not have a website for example, because it allows you to be visible to Internet users. Otherwise, it can play the role of the relay by inserting a link to the site,

– a photo space where you can place images of your institute/spa, your products, the team, or videos to present the place and the treatments,

– a “wall” to discuss with people who follow you and announce special events, launches of treatments or products, offers of the month …,

– customizable options in which you can place … whatever you want!

Everything is there so that you can conduct your promotional campaign efficiently and attractively!

  • You can chat on Facebook

The advantage of a social network like Facebook is its interactivity. Indeed, you can chat live with your interlocutors, launch debates, share videos or links, comment on a thousand and one contents … all this while having the photo, first name, and last name of the person in front of you with who you “dialogue” with. 

  • Facebook allows you to know your customers better

As a marketing enthusiast, you know of course that knowing your customers and meeting their expectations are the keys to success.

On the social network, this task will be extremely simplified for you. Indeed, the details on the members’ files allow you to quickly know who your fans are and to have access to very useful information in terms of marketing: age group, geographical origin, centers of interest … This will allow you to better target your offers later.

On the other hand, Facebook allows you to be closer to your customers. Indeed, by listening to his comments, you can know what is working or not and thus find areas for improvement.

Ranking signals are data points that inform the behavior of a given user, but also that of all other users of the platform. Example: Are users sharing this post with their friends? How often do you like your boss’ posts? What about your mother’s? Do you often watch live videos? What is your favorite Facebook group? In theory, how many posts do you see right now? Are they recent?

In short, you have understood the principle. Did you love this video of a baby puma? Note that before showing it to you, the algorithm took into account a multitude of factors.

Facebook Reports Three Main Categories Of Ranking Signals:

  • The people with whom the user generally interacts
  • The type of media of the post (video, link, photo, etc.)
  • The popularity of the publication

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