How much do Google Ads usually cost?

Google Ads have an average cost per click between $1 and $2 on the Search Network. Display Ads have a CPC under $1. Google Adwords and Bing Adwords have the most expensive keywords, which cost $50 or more per click.
How do you define a high cost per click?

Your target ROI determines what a good cost-per-click is. An acquisition …

Review of ETH

The tech-savvy cryptocurrency, etherium , has recently been under a lot of fire from within the crypto community due to its lack of real world adoption.

“It’s just a bitcoin clone,” said one Reddit user in an online forum discussing Ether ‘s future viability, “It’ s just trying to be another Bitcoin but it really is nothing special at all.”…

Map and Features in GTA V

The map is divided into three parts: the city, the hills and the shore lines.

The mountains stretch from East Los Santos all across Blaine County, to Paleto Bay in the North.

As we already know it’s a massive world which will be mostly covered by water as there are only few places you can drive around with your car.…

The Games To Entertain People


Passengers must identify aloud all the letters of the alphabet in the correct order from the words they see outside: road signs, license plates, storefronts, lettering on vehicles, etc. The first to complete the 26 letters of the alphabet wins.Thus makes the Entertainment 


The first player finds a word in his head and …

Good Reasons To Enjoy Facebook

Here there are some good reasons which aim to present to you the various challenges of Facebook and the interest of using it in a professional context.

You will understand that the question to ask yourself is no longer whether to go to Facebook … but to ask yourself when you are going to create your page.

  • Your customers are

The Media And Social Media

As mentioned above, the message is the central axis around which a communication campaign revolves, but if we do not know how to transmit a good message through the appropriate means, all our efforts will have been useless, whether in the world. off or in the online world, which are called social media.

Social media is currently playing on the …

Media In Education

The use of different media tools for educational purposes is associated with an interesting controversy about the possibilities and limitations they have in teaching. The resulting debates analyze, and studies have been building a theorization in recent decades that must be considered in order to respond not only to the questions posed by economic, political, and cultural changes but also …

The Importance Of The Media In Today’s Context

Today, nobody disputes the importance of the media in today’s society. We are immersed in a media society and our lifestyle coexists with the messages that the media transmit to us. In the same way, talking about the media implies covering a very wide range of possibilities: many television channels, radio, Internet, printed publications of all kinds …

The mass …

How to program content on social networks?

Today there are many social networks in which we can create content, and trying to address them with quality information can involve immeasurable investments of time and energy (our greatest assets). It is undeniable to say that social networks are the best marketing tools in history, since they allow us to create networks of loyal followers in relation to the …