14 years ago Facebook was born, the social network with the most users in the world. Two years later Twitter emerged, a two-way communication platform and two years later Instagram, which is defined as a social network and application to upload photos and videos. Currently, these three social networks together have more than 3,000 million active users in a month.


In these social networks, millions of new publications are produced per day where we find the most diverse information and that, for that reason, require that each network create means to segment and prioritize the most relevant content for each user. The solution they found was the same: create a news feed from algorithms based on the interests and interactions of users.

According to the RAE, an algorithm is an “ordered and finite set of systematic operations that allows making a calculation and finding the solution to a problem.” The algorithms act as a bridge between the actions and the results of the machines and are translated into a programming code for the teams to interpret.


These algorithms are not at all conventional, such as that of addition, multiplication … If not, they are procedures that “learn” to solve tasks more efficiently as they process more customer data. They are data-driven algorithms and work like a “black box”. That is, these algorithms collect the user’s information, the publications they like, the videos they view, what places they visit, etc. and they store it in order to display and order the publications, place advertising inserts that best suit their profiles and also suggest friendships. Thus, social networks generate large profits by introducing paid posts by companies in the user’s timeline.


And to finish the post, we leave you some tips that will help you deal with and benefit from the algorithms of social networks. Ready?

– Create content with the purpose of driving the conversation between users.

– Avoid including links that force the user to leave the platform.

– Use live videos, as it will generate an engagement six times higher than any other content.

– Do not use the social network as a means to share all the content that passes through your hands, be selective and generate content that is interesting to the audience.

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