Why YouTube Thumbnails Are Essential For Getting Subscribers – What You Should Know

They may not seem like that at first, but  subscribers  are the lifeblood of YouTube. They allow the platform to thrive and allow the work of the content creators to be seen. This, in turn, makes the lifelong passions of the creators much more lasting.

Content creators everywhere bemoan the fact that growing subscribers is often painfully difficult. However, as …

How to Prospect on Social Networks

Each social network has its own tools and prospecting elements, so we will make an approach to how to prospect in the most important networks.

The first thing is to know who your Buyer Persona is, that is, to know who and how your ideal customer is.

This will help identify the social profiles to contact.

You should also know …

Tips for creating a good YouTube channel

Most successful YouTubers have gained popularity by creating content in collaboration with other influencers on YouTube. You will first need to develop your community before you can work with other influencers. You can then partner with YouTubers with similar sized audiences.

Focus on creating quality content that is both educational and entertaining. While your videos may link to a product …